International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering
 Topics and courses Year 1 and 2

List of courses

A list of courses of the IMFSE programme is given below. Additional information on the curriculum can also be found in the Ghent University programme catalog.

Year 1

Semester 1

Ghent University (Belgium)

The University of Edinburgh (UK)

(*) This course replaces 'Fire Investigation and Failure Analysis' which will move to semester 3 from 2017-2018 onwards.

Semester 2

Lund University (Sweden)

Risk assessment
Advanced fire dynamics
Human behaviour in fire
Simulation of fires in enclosures

Between year 1 and year 2, you can opt for doing an industrial internship.

Year 2

Semester 3


Ghent University (Belgium)

The University of Edinburgh(UK)
  • Fire Science Laboratory
  • Structural Design for Fire
  • Fire Safety, Engineering and Society (*)
  • Finite Element Analysis for Solids

(*) This course will be replaced by 'Fire Investigation and Failure Analysis' from 2017-2018 onwards.

Semester 4

Master Thesis (30 credits)

The Master thesis research is supervised in either Ghent, Lund or Edinburgh (full partners), in an Associated Partner (ETH Zürich - Switzerland, The University of Queensland - Australia, The University of Maryland - USA) or an industrial company.



Teaching material

Please refer to this list of literature and additional resources for an indication of the topics that will be covered per course.



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